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Posted in Cleantech by Paul Grana on December 7, 2011

As I was recruiting for jobs a couple years ago, I wanted to make sure I had the entire solar industry dialed in.  So, I set out to list out all venture-backed solar startups and cleantech investors.  The project took on a life of its own, and I ended up with a decent summary of cleantech startups.  So, now I want to share it with the world.

The “Cleantech Matrix” includes over 800 cleantech startups, and over 400 investors – with an “x” for investments.  This can be downloaded, password-free, from the tool on the right of this page.  I’m hoping this will help job searchers find companies, or help entrepreneurs find investors.

Now, I haven’t been that diligent about updating this lately, so I may be missing a few dozen companies.  Please let me know (either in the comments below, or at, and I will update the file periodically.

Finally, a few random thoughts/comments:

  • I have nothing against angel-funded or bootstrapped startups, but I used VC funding as my general rule for inclusion.  (Plus, I was originally using this for my job search purposes, and I wanted to work at a venture-backed startup.)
  • Sorry it’s somewhat America-focused.  I’m happy to include more international startups if anyone has suggestions.
  • I think there are a lot of cool things that can be done with this data (perhaps a wiki platform?), which is why I’m sharing it.  Let the data be free!

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